These last set of benefits is so  important.  When we’re in pain, our minds suffer.  I’m so grateful for my Tai Chi practice during my worst times of pain. We will cover the importance of Tai Chi offering the ability for us to have better sleep.  This also leads into how Tai Chi can reduce depression and anxiety.


11. Better Sleep
Sleep is extremely important to the body. We don’t know exactly why the body requires sleep, but we know that poor sleep can lead to a number of physical problems. The cells won’t get the rest they need, and almost every function will be affected. You won’t be able to concentrate as well, you won’t be able to move as quickly, and you increase your chances of having heart problems and diabetes. Tai chi can help regulate your entire system, allowing you to get the sleep you need at the end of the day. It may also help you achieve REM sleep, deep sleep that we need to really get the benefits of slumber.

12. Reduce Depression and Anxiety
Every day, we come across a number of different stressors. These stressors include family, work, marriage, managing the homestead, and friendships. It’s easy to understand why someone can start to feel depressed or anxious. Some people will go to a therapist or even take medication to help with the symptoms. There may be a better way in the art of tai chi. The class is not only about your physical health.
It’s also about your mental health and emotional health. Throughout the class, you will be encouraged to release the tension you may have built up inside of you. The exercises are soothing, helping you maintain calm no matter what you may be up against. For people who suffer from an existential crisis in life due to tragedy or monotony, tai chi is also known to help with a person’s spiritual health. This can also help someone achieve peace.


What are these principles you speak of?
The secret of Tai Chi’s near magical effect for health and wellness is the principles. They might seem simple but profound. Regular practice will enable you to discover the many layers of depth to develop your Tai Chi.

These principles can be divided into three main categories and have been cross checked with up to date medical knowledge. 

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