What are these principles you speak of?
The secret of Tai Chi’s near magical effect for health and wellness is the principles. They might seem simple but profound. Regular practice will enable you to discover the many layers of depth to develop your Tai Chi.

These principles can be divided into three main categories and have been cross checked with up to date medical knowledge. 

The first of these principles is:
Movement Control
Tai Chi movements are slow so that you can be mindful of them and integrate mind and body, they are smooth to facilitate serenity, and they flow continuously like water in a river. The continual flow gathers inner energy like the hydraulic power, growing as it flows.
Move as though you’re moving against a gentle resistance with every movement to generate a soft inner power. Another good way is to imagine the air around you is becoming denser or as though you are moving in water.

We have two more principle catagories that you will frequently talk about in class. More on those to come. In the meantime, keep practicing or maybe it’s time to start your first class! Just like the principle we discussed today, take it slow and be kind to yourself on this journey. Until next time….