There are MANY benefits to Tai Chi!  I’m excited to share four of my favorites!

There are many benefits of Tai Chi and I have the honor of sharing four with you today.  We will look at how Tai Chi can help in with increased strength, increased energy, cardiovascular health, and respiratory functions.  Here we go…


1. Increase Strength
Even if the exercises are relatively low impact, they still require you to use your muscles. As you work the muscles, they will continue to get stronger. If you don’t use the muscles, they will become weak and depleted, making normal tasks more and more difficult. You will also strengthen your bones, which is especially important for woman as they get older. Older women become vulnerable to osteoporosis, a disease that makes the bones brittle. Women with osteoporosis are more likely to break a bone or get seriously injured when they fall. After a serious injury, you may never be able to fully regain your strength again. If you have been injured, talk to your physical therapist about how classes can help improve your mobility.

2. Increased Energy
People in motion stay in motion. Going to a tai chi class will spark your endorphins, giving you energy. Go to classes at the beginning of the day to increase your energy levels for the rest of your day. Endorphins are a compound in the brain that energize your body and mind. The levels come up at times of exercise or excitement. Some exercise options actually use up all of your endorphins making you even more tired when you’re done. You won’t want to do anything for the rest of the day. Natural energy is healthier for you than caffeine. You may even save money by not having to buy coffee every day.

3. Cardiovascular Health
As we get older, heart health becomes more and more important. Heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death in adults. As we age, our arteries can become clogged with all of the bad food we’ve eaten throughout the years. This can make your heart need to work harder than normal, even when you are just relaxing. Your heart may also become more susceptible to unexpected events. Tai chi puts your heart at work through a variety of different exercises, keeping it healthy. Remember that you need to exercise regularly and be mindful of what you eat to keep your heart healthy.

4. Improve Respiratory Functions
Tai chi emphasizes breathing throughout the exercises. During every class, your teacher will tell you when to take long breaths and when to take short breaths. You will be able to take these lessons about breathing into the rest of your day. This will help strengthen your lungs. You won’t get winded during simple tasks, such as walking up the stairs. Improved cardiovascular health will also help you get up those stairs without getting winded.