It’s time for more benefits of Tai Chi!  The next benefits of Tai Chi include flow of liquid in the body, increased flexibility, and a safe and gentle exercise.

5. Help Flow of Liquid in Your Body
Your body has a number of fluids running through it at all times. It’s important that your body spread the fluids evenly. If you don’t have good blood circulation, you won’t deliver oxygen through your body evenly. This will allow your organs to function as optimally as possible.
Poor circulation could result in some serious body malfunctions and even the loss of limbs or organs.
Blood isn’t the only fluid that tai chi will help, either. You have a number of other fluids to regulate in your body, too. Lymph fluid helps lube up your lymphatic system. You also have synovial fluid that helps protect your joints and cerebrospinal fluid that helps protect your back.

6. Increase Flexibility
Movement gets more difficult as we get older. Soon, extreme movements can cause pain. You will start to lose mobility. You will notice you can’t do certain things that you used to be able to do physically. Tai chi gives you the opportunity to stretch out your body and regain flexibility. Even better, you will stretch out the small muscles in your body that most exercise routines don’t target. Targeting these small muscles will improve even the most detailed and unusual body movements.

7. Safe and Gentle Exercise
As we get older, the gym can become more and more dangerous. This is especially true for anyone with a heart condition or limited mobility. Tai chi is perfect since it is a very low impact on the body and heart. You do simple exercises that won’t exasperate you too much. It’s safe for just about anyone. You don’t need to worry about hurting your heart or straining yourself. Of course, you should still ask your doctor if it’s safe for you if you are unsure about your health.