BREATHE LIFE TAI CHI & SELF DEFENSE offers group classes, private lessons, & VIRTUAL CLASSES. 







This amazing class at BREATHE LIFE TAI CHI is a great way to start or end your day. The focus is on building strong Tai Chi principles.  Classes vary in content from focusing on technique of individual forms, or a focus on the Sun 73 Forms.  Principles explored include internal “Jing” and “Song”, body structure of alignment and weight transference, and moving in a slow, continuous motion with gentle resistance.  Sun Style has a higher stance than other forms of Tai Chi, less kicking and punching, all movements have the same tempi, and a very strong Qigong emphasis. Let’s not forget about BREATHE!  Yes, we breathe….allot! We love experiencing the greater depth of Tai Chi together. There are six segments of Sun Style and the class curriculum rotates through each. This means that you can join any session on week 1 and enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi. Everyone starts at the same place each session.  Come join us!!








Tai Chi classes here at BREATHE LIFE TAI CHI also include Cardio Self-Defense.  “What is that?” you ask. We have created a class unique only to BREATHE LIFE TAI CHI.  Practitioners were wanting to continue their learning of Tai Chi principles, so we developed our Cardio Self Defense class.  First, we have a ton of fun!  It’s not enough that we learn a series of “moves” that encompass our forms, but rather we take your training to the next level with this low-impact self-defense training.  These fulfilling classes also focus on an authentic Asian weapon (safety weapons, of course, nothing sharp or dangerous). BREATHE LIFE TAI CHI weapons include Broad Sword, Long Sword, Short Stick and Nunchucks to develop not only heightened focus, but also the skill of extending the intrinsic energy through the hands and arms. Beginners are definitely welcome to join this fluid, but energizing class.  Did I mention we have fun!?









Learn Martial Arts for fun or choose our Path to Black Belt.  Class sizes are limited to a family of one or two of your choice.  Come on out and enjoy a private class, or train with another family. We understand how many challenges you face as a parent, raising a child in the modern world. Teaching children to know right from wrong is one of the toughest challenges parents have to face.You want your child to have the tools to succeed in life, but protecting them from peer pressure, bullying and internet predators can make any parent feel overwhelmed with anxiety and stress. Our program is the perfect companion to help you raise a strong, confident leader, teaching confidence, focus & self-defense skills. 




This is an excellent way to get started or continue your study of Tai Chi.  BREATHE LIFE TAI CHI understands that life can be hectic and it’s impossible sometimes to schedule class time. Or maybe group classes aren’t for you.  Flexible private lesson times are available throughout the week by appointment and we focus on your goals as an individual.  We will assess  what it is you wish to accomplish and put together a schedule that fits your needs.  Give me a call or message me and let’s talk about your journey into the world of Tai Chi!